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Michael's Pro-Am Showcase!

Last weekend was great for dance scene in Asia. The first ever Asia International Championships  was a smashing success in Hong Kong and the event was filled with great moments. One of them was undoubtedly  Michael's debut in a Pro-Am Showcase. Let's hear from M&J how the whole event came about:

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
There are experiences that change us for ever. Dance is one of them. Dance is poetry where every movement is a word. Dance is magical because it expresses more than the words could ever express. 
And there are encounters that change us for ever. With people whose spirit is as magical as the passions we can share with them. For us, meeting Rong Rong through dance was truly incredible. The trainings we have shared and getting ready for the showcase. The showcase which you will have the opportunity to see today performed by Michael and... Rong Rong. She is our inspiration and we hope that her dance with Michael will be an inspiration for you."